What about using property taxes for roads?
Statewide, 14 counties, some townships and many cities and villages are already doing this. Why? Necessity, resulting from decades of inadequate road funding by the state.

Which is the most equitable way to raise money for road maintenance and repairs? Should it be based on:
A. The amount you use the roads; or
B. The value of your property?

Which hits the elderly and those on fixed incomes the hardest?
The Gas Tax = a "User" Tax. The more you use the roads, the more you pay to maintain and improve them.

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1. How much money does a penny of gas tax generate in Michigan, and for Oakland County?
2. Are all of our taxes going to fixing the roads?
3. Doesn't all the development taking place in Oakland County mean lots of new money for roads?
4. How are road funds divided between the state and local road agencies?
5. Statistics indicate that we've all been driving more. Doesn't that mean more gas tax revenue?
6. How are federal funds distributed in Oakland County?
7. Is RCOC spending all its money in some other community?
8. What do road improvements cost RCOC?
9. Why don't developers pay more for adding traffic to our area?
10. What about using property taxes for roads?
11. Why not eliminate Oakland's donor status?
12. Why aren't the roads widened before multiple housing projects (or commercial developments or other traffic generators) are allowed?