Does the Road Commission plan for future projects?
The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) often hears comments to the effect that the reason we have all these road congestion problems is because of "poor planning." Usually those comments are made by people who are not familiar with the kind or amount of planning that actually occurs. Road agencies have been working with communities for decades to identify future road needs. Learn more about our Project Planning page.

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1. How does the Oakland County Federal Aid Task Force Funding Committee rate projects?
2. Why isn't litter pickup at the top of the Road Commission's priority list? Whose responsibility is it?
3. Which Roads are plowed first? Why does it take so long for our subdivisions to be plowed?
4. Why not just require road agencies to be more efficient? How about privatizing some of the services they provide?
5. Does the Road Commission plan for future projects?
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