• Tripp Road looking east by Dixie highway
  • Tripp Road looking west towards Dixie Highway
  • Adding dirt to the shoulder
  • Should work
  • Tripp Road looking east at Grange Hall Road intersection
  • Looking west down Tripp Road near Grange Hall Road
  • Ferry Creek with old culvert
  • bulldozer working with new technology
  • Digging around a manhole
  • Tripp Road looking east
  • Tripp Road looking west
  • Tripp Road looking east
  • Excavator loading dirt into truck
  • New Ferry Creek culvert on Ferry Creek Drive
  • New curbs
  • Tripp Road construction looking east
  • New Thread Creek culvert
  • Preparing the base
  • Road closed sign on Tripp Road
  • Tripp Road (2)
  • Tripp Road (7)
  • Tripp Road (6)

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