Oakhill/Sashabaw Compact Roundabout COMPLETE

Project Description:

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC), in partnership with Brandon and Independence townships, will construct a compact roundabout at the intersection of Oakhill and Sashabaw roads on the Independence Township/Brandon Township border.


RCOC will replace the current four-way stop intersection with a compact roundabout.

The project will include reconstructing one-third mile of roadway with asphalt pavement (includes paving a section of Oakhill Road approximately 300 feet west of the roundabout).

The reconstructed road will include curbs and gutters, installation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant crosswalks, installation of storm sewers and drainage improvements.

Intersection lighting will also be installed.

The project will require the use of a small section of land that is currently part of Independence Oaks County Park. The land will be replaced with additional parkland elsewhere.


The intersection will be closed to through traffic during construction. Access to homes and businesses near the intersection will be maintained at all times.

DETOUR(S): The detour route for Sashabaw Road through traffic will be Seymour Lake Road to Baldwin Road to Clarkston Road and back to Sashabaw and vice versa. The detour for eastbound Oakhill Road through traffic will be Perry Lake Road to Seymour Lake Road to Baldwin Road. The detour for westbound Oakhill Road through traffic will be Dartmouth Road to Seymour Lake Road to Perry Lake Road and back to Oakhill.


Tree removal will take place in the project area expected to start on March 23 through late March.

Utility relocation will take place in July 2021.

PROJECT COST: $1.23 million , the project is funded by a federal safety grant and the R.C.O.C.

CONTRACTOR: Angelo Iafrate Construction Company

CLOSURE: Sept. 7