Getting Involved

Watershed Activities

Oakland County is home to five different watersheds: the Rouge River, the Huron River, the Clinton River, the Shiawassee River and the Flint River. RCOC attends meetings with several watershed organizations in the county on a regular basis as well as attends training and event opportunities when available. For more information about the watershed in your area or how to become involved with a watershed organization, see the groups below.
Oakland County Watershed
Huron River Watershed Council

Friends of the Rouge

Clinton River Watershed Council

Friends of the Shiawassee River

Flint River Watershed Coalition

How Residents Can Protect Waterways

There are ways for residents to get involved in protecting the waterways for everyone to enjoy. For more information about how you can help preserve Michigan's water, see the links below.

Seven Simple Steps to Clean Water: Oakland County's Water Resource Commissioner's website lists tips for homeowners including topics like: 
  • how to clean your vehicle and equipment to prevent polluted waters from leaking onto the roadway;
  • how to use fertilizers responsibly, including using grass clippings and leaves as fertilizers;
  • how to clean up after your pet to prevent bacteria from entering local waterways;
  • how to properly dispose of household wastes; and
  • green infrastructure options for landscaping.
Interested in using native plants in your garden? Check out this plant search tool from Michigan State University! Native plants encourage pollinators, natural insect predators to pests, and even hummingbirds to visit your garden!

Do you live next to a lake or river? Check out these links to protect your shoreline or riverfront from erosion!

Homeowners, be sure to maintain your septic system to prevent overflow or seepage which can contaminate groundwater.

Check out your community's Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development plans!
Interested in keeping your driveway from flooding, protecting your garden from rainstorms, or helping the environment with your lawn? Try building your own Rain Garden or Rain Barrel! The Habitat Network has tips for planning your rain garden to be the most effective!