Simple Resurfacing (Preservation Overlays)

The 2021 Preservation Overlay Program is expected to begin the week of May 10. 

Preservation overlays, commonly known as simple resurfacing, consists of placing 2 inches to 2.5 inches of asphalt on the surface of a road.   This technique is done on heavier traveled roads that are considered in moderately good shape.    Preservation overlay extends the life of the road until there is a longer term project such as reconstruction or resurfacing with extensive work done on the road's base.    The projects are either funded federally or by the RCOC through local dollars.  

Most projects can be done quickly and often under flaggers directing traffic within the construction zone; however, others involving federal or Tri-Party (provided by Oakland County General Government) funding will take longer to complete.   If the safety of motorists and workers becomes an issue, there could be an intermittent closure of the road (especially areas that intersect with a busy road).   

In 2019, over 100 miles of roads throughout Oakland County have been improved.   In 2020, over 60 miles of primary roads (heavier traveled roads) have been improved through the program. 

 **The schedule is subject to frequent changes.***

What to expect:

  • Traffic delays (roads will remain open to traffic during the work with flagging operations in the work zone)
  • Expect long delays at intersections
  • Temporary disruption of driveway and subdivision access during milling and paving operations
  • Work to begin around 6 a.m. (some weekend work will be scheduled as well)
  • Shoulder and pavement marking work will also be done on the roads after the paving is complete 
  • Work will take place during the school year in order to get the entire program completed by fall
  • Roads that are going to be used as a detour for other road projects will be one first 
  • Shoulder gravel restoration will be done after paving is complete
  • Some shoulder paving will take place before mainline paving 
  • Structures (manhole covers) will be raised by the contractor after paving is complete
  • Lane markings will be temporary until a striping contractor is available (The striping contractor has flexibility to schedule each road based on availability. The road surface as to be dry for the work.)

2021 PRESERVATION OVERLAY CONTRACTOR:  Cadillac Asphalt AND Ace-Saginaw Paving

List of previous Preservation Overlay projects (2017-2020):  CLICK HERE

Funding:   Local (gas tax and vehicle registration fees sent to the RCOC by the State of Michigan
through a formula know as Public Act 51 of 1951; does not include sales tax collected at the gas pump).

Rural Federal Aid:  The RCOC purchase of federal road dollars from Michigan rural counties was purchased at reduced rate.  These projects are federally funded and must be bid out by the Michigan Department of Transportation.  

Short video explaining the Preservation Overlay program

2021 Preservation Overlays (Simple Resurfacing)
List is subject to changes


Project Limits

Community or Communities

Start Date

Mainline paving completion (striping and shoulder restoration to follow)

Funding Source

10 Mile Road Greenfield to east of Church Street Royal Oak Township  6/3  COMPLETE  
14 Mile Road (on hold pending completion date for Great Lakes Water Authority watermain work) Walled Lake Drive to Haggerty Road Commerce Township, Novi and Walled Lake      
Airport Road Andersonville Road and Williams Lake Road Waterford Township  5/12 COMPLETE  
Airport Road Williams Lake Road to Hatchery Road Waterford Township  5/12 COMPLETE  
Benstein Road Maple Road to Sleeth Road Commerce Township and Wolverine Lake  6/9  COMPLETE  
Clyde Road Strathcona to Milford Road Highland Township  6/1 (some areas need to be corrected by the contractor, date TBA)   
Commerce Road Hickory Ridge Road to the Milford Village limits  Milford Township  6/10    
Commerce Road Hickory Ridge Road to the Livingston County border Milford Township  6/7 (shoulder work) 
6/10 (milling)

Crooks Road Avon Road to Hamlin Road Rochester Hills  6/3 COMPLETE  
Dequindre Road  Clinton River Trail to Washington Road Rochester Hills and Shelby Township  5/17 COMPLETE  
Dequindre Road North of Auburn Road to south of Hamlin Road  Rochester Hills and Shelby Township  6/3 COMPLETE  
Grand River Avenue West of Napier Road to Livingston County line Lyon Township 6/11 (shoulder work)    
*Grange Hall Road Fish Lake Road to Fagan Road Holly Township and Village of Holly  6/14 Mainline paving complete; gravel shoulder and permanent striping pending.  
*Grange Hall Road I-75 to Tripp Road Groveland Township  7/6 Mainline paving is complete; gravel shoulder restoration and permanent striping pending.  
Heights Road M-24 to Joslyn Road Lake Orion and Orion Township  7/2 (heavy maintenance work on road joints)    
Hickory Ridge Road/Stobart Road, Labadie Road to M-59 Labadie Road (Livingston County) to M-59 Milford and Highland townships  7/9    
Independence Township Road Millage projects

 Independence Township For a list of roads and paving schedule:   

  2021 WORK START ON APRIL 19 Township Millage and RCOC
Livingston Road M-59 to Milford Road Highland Township  6/16 COMPLETE  
Lochaven Road Willow Road to Cooley Lake Road West Bloomfield/Watertord Township  5/13 COMPLETE  
Napier Road 11 Mile Road to 12 Mile Road  Novi/Lyon Township  6/10 COMPLETE  
Pontiac Lake Road Hospital Road to Williams Lake Road Waterford Township  5/10 COMPLETE  
Romeo Road Kline Road to Dequindre Road Addison and Oakland townships 6/11 (shoulder work) 7/8 (milling)
7/12 (paving)
Sashabaw Road Dixie Hwy. to Walton Blvd. Waterford Township 6/1 COMPLETE
Sashabaw Road Oakhill Road to Sherwood Road  Brandon Township 5/19 COMPLETE  
Seymour Lake Road Baldwin Road to the Oxford Village limits Oxford Township 5/13 COMPLETE  
Williams Lake Road East of Gale Road to west of Dixie Waterford Township  5/12  COMPLETE  

* indicates Ace-Saginaw Paving is the contractor


2021 preservation overlay program on 62 miles of roads to begin May 11 with Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford