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​Spring Weight Restriction Information

For the latest information on spring weight restrictions, please visit: SPRING WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS
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Typically, each year in late winter or early spring, in accordance with state law, RCOC reduces the weight limits on its non-all-weather roads as temperatures begin to rise and the ground begins to thaw. If the weight restrictions have not been imposed by March 1, state law mandates that they be automatically imposed unless a road agency takes specific action to suspend the restrictions.

Weight restrictions are usually put in place in February or March. When they are in place trucks and other heavy, commercial equipment is required to carry a reduced load on the restricted roads.

The weight restrictions help prevent roads from being damaged by heavy trucks and other equipment when the ground under the roads is  less stable than during the rest of the year. The ground is less stable because it has begun to thaw after being frozen during the winter, but is not yet completely thawed.

Anyone wanting an update on the status of the weight restrictions can call RCOC’s weight restrictions hotline at (248) 858-4765. You can also check this page or sign up to be notified by text or e-mail when there is a change to the weight restriction status. Sign up for alerts here.

When imposed, weight restrictions are enforced by weighmasters employed by the Road Commission, the state, local communities or the Sheriff’s Department. Violation of the weight restrictions can result in a citation and fine.

A “truck operators’ map” is available from the Road Commission that shows which roads have weight restrictions. The map is available by calling RCOC’s Customer Services Dept. at (248) 858-4835 or by visiting the department’s offices at the RCOC facility at 2420 Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford Township (office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.). Here are links to the map: Truck Operator's Map -- front Truck Operator's Map -- Back.

For a statewide listing of which counties have imposed spring weight restrictions, visit the County Road Association of Michigan (CRA) Web site, County Road Association.