Permit Conditions

Read the following conditions carefully, then click the "I Agree" button near the bottom of the page to fill out the appropriate forms for obtaining an Adopt-A-Road permit.
  1. This permit grants only those rights specifically stated and no other.
  2. Issuance of this permit does not relieve the permittee from meeting any and all requirements of law, ordinances and regulations including requirements of other public bodies or agencies.
  3. The permittee shall be responsible for the cost of restoration of any roadway facilities and right-of-way determined by the Road Commission to be damaged as a result of the permit.
  4. The permittee shall save harmless, indemnify and defend the Road Commission for Oakland County, its officers, employees and agents thereof against any and all claims for damages arising from operations covered by this permit.
  5. This permit is not assignable and not transferable unless specifically agreed to in writing by the Road Commission for Oakland County.
  6. Group participants shall hold a safety briefing prior to any pick-up, conducted by the adopting group with Road Commission for Oakland County-supplied literature. All group participants must sign a form acknowledging the training.
  7. All participants must wear an orange vest provided by the Road Commission for Oakland County while working in the right-of-way. The Road Commission for Oakland County will provided vests prior to the first litter pick-up. Permittees are to maintain these vests and will replace lost or damaged vests with Road Commission-approved vests at permittees’ expense.
  8. Group participants must be a least sixteen (16) years of age unless waiver of this condition is approved in writing by the Road Commission for Oakland County.
  9. All litter is to be placed in bags provided by and approved by the Road Commission for Oakland County. Objects that are too large or too heavy for the litterbags are to be placed next to the bags for pick-up. No litterbags or objects are to be placed on the roadway surface or shoulders. All litterbags will be placed at locations designated by the Road Commission for pick-up.
  10. The Road Commission for Oakland County will erect and maintain signs noting the program and participating group's name free of charge following issuance of a permit to the group. Two signs, one for each side of the adopted roadway segment facing on-coming traffic will be erected for each group. No additional signs will be permitted.
  11. Participating groups must consist of at least eight persons; a crew leader, a safety sentry, and three volunteers as well as three specified backups. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of these individuals must be on record with the Road Commission for Oakland County at the time of permit issuance as a condition of permit issuance. Groups are not limited to eight persons.
  12. Groups failing to fulfill the conditions of this permit, to conduct required safety briefings, or not participating in at least two of the three designated litter pick-up weeks in a calendar year will have their permit revoked. The Adopt-A-Road sign will be removed from the roadway segment designated in the permit.
  13. The permit will be considered null and void and shall be automatically revoked if the safety sentry fails to participate in the required safety sentry training.
  14. The Road Commission for Oakland County reserves the right to revoke this permit at any time. The permittee and all group participants, upon request of the Road commission for Oakland County, shall immediately cease operations and surrender this permit.
  15. Groups will not pick up litter during electrical or wind storms, or during periods of fog or low visibility. Litter pick-up shall be performed during the daylight hours and commence not sooner than 1 hour after sunrise and end not later than 1 hour before sunset.
  16. All members of a group will work on one side of the roadway at a time. Group members are required to obey all relevant state laws and applicable ordinances regarding vehicular and pedestrian travel, traffic and parking while engaged in permitted activities.
  17. Group members are prohibited from picking up litter in the median, under overpasses or on bridge structures.
  18. Groups may voluntarily withdraw from the program without jeopardizing a future application upon notification to the Road Commission for Oakland County.