Cab Card Rules & Application for Cab Card

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Extended Transportation Cab Card Permit Including Mobile Homes/Mobile Offices Up to Sixteen Feet Wide

Rules & Regulations

  1. The movement of vehicle and load upon said highway shall be during daylight hours only. Permits are not valid on Saturdays, Sundays, nor during the period beginning at Noon on the day preceding every legal holiday here listed: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, except with the approval of the Department of Customer Services - Weighmaster Div. when emergency repair movements are necessary in the best interest of public safety and welfare.
  2. The movement shall not impede other traffic in an unreasonable manner and at no time shall traffic be blocked from use of the highway. Vehicles and loads shall not be parked on the highway day or night. The vehicle shall not be loaded or unloaded within the outer shoulder limits of any county road.
  3. Applicant shall be responsible for any damage caused to wires, mailboxes, trees, buildings, or the road, including the structures and appurtenances, and shall reimburse the appropriate parties for any damage caused by the moving of said vehicle or load. Applicant shall save harmless, indemnify, defend, and represent the Board against any and all claims for bodily injury or property damage, or any other claim arising out of or related to the moving of said vehicle, load, or its presence on or use of the highway by said vehicle and load.
  4. The speed of the vehicle and load shall not exceed that shown on the permit.
  5. Vehicles shall be registered as required by the Michigan statutes and shall not violate any statue or valid ordinance, rule or regulation by any state agency or sub-division of the state. Vehicles are to comply with all statutory provisions as to other permits, licensing, motor vehicle equipment and operation.
  6. Applicant is to furnish the permitting department the following information: Type of equipment, make, model, unit number, serial number, and license number on each piece of equipment.
  7. The driver of the vehicle shall carry a cab card permit in the vehicle to which it applies and shall have it available for inspection by any weighmaster or police officer.
  8. Applicant to present evidence that at least the following insurance coverage is in full force and effect on each vehicle while operating on the public highways under special permit:
  9. Bodily Injury liability - each person: $250,000
    Bodily Injury liability - each accident: $500,000
    Property Damage liability - each accident: $100,000
    Single Limit policy: $500,000
  10. Permits are automatically invalidated by the violation of any of the conditions specified by the terms of the permit or by false information given on the application. Failure to comply with the conditions of this permit shall be just cause for the immediate suspension or revocation of any or all permits and the operator and/or owner of the vehicle subject to arrest.
  11. Permits will not be issued for periods extending beyond the insurance expiration date or for loads in excess of licensed elected gross weight.
  12. Permits will be issued only for vehicles owned and licensed by the applicant, or bonafide lease agreement.
  13. Permits will not be issued for oversize or overweight vehicles or loads, which can be readily dismantled, reduced or otherwise rearranged to come within the legal limits.
  14. Permits will in no way supersede posted axle loading limits on any bridge structure. The applicant agrees to reimburse the Road Commission for Oakland County any damage resulting from disregarding such postings.
  15. Permit not valid on highways which are posted for lighter than normal loadings, or when restricted loadings are in effect.
  16. The applicant may be required to deposit a reasonable inspection fee and to furnish a sufficient cash bond to cover any damage that might occur to roads, bridges, or highway structures, by the movement of vehicles and objects under the proposed permit.
  17. The equipment shall be loaded on the vehicle, in such a manner, so as to reduce to a minimum the width or length dimensions as well as weight limitations.
  18. The ball or bucket to be removed on cranes or draglines. Boom to be securely fastened to the frame of the truck while in transit.
  19. The Board may temporarily suspend an Extended Transportation Permit, either in its entirety or in respect to certain of its provisions, due to seasonal or other special conditions.
  20. All moves shall be properly flagged with clean red flags having a dimension of no less than 16” square.
  21. One pilot car will be required for 14’ wide Mobile Home / Mobile Office moves and 2 pilot cars will be required for 16’ wide Mobile Home / Mobile Office moves.
  22. The license number shown on the cab card must correspond to the license number on the vehicle. The company name on the face of the permit shall match the name on the towing unit. All cab card permits will expire with the insurance date shown thereon.
  23. Permits are not transferable to another vehicle or another owner of the same vehicle.