Residential Driveway Permit Applicaton

Residential Driveway Permit Conditions

  1. This permit is issued on the condition that licensee and any person working under the authority of this permit shall comply with the requirements of Act 52 of the PA of 1974 - Call Miss Dig Before You Dig - Phone 248-647-7344.
  2. Precautions: During the progress of any work undertaken within the limits of said highway in pursuance hereof, the Licensee shall provide watchmen and flagmen as may be required for the safety and convenience of the public and/or as shall seem advisable to this Board; and shall furnish all barricades, signs and lights necessary to protect the public and/or such additional barricades, signs and lights as required by the Board. Two-Way traffic shall be maintained at all times unless otherwise indicated hereon by special endorsement of the Board's duly authorized representative.
  3. Accident Liability and Indemnification: The said Licensee shall be liable for all damages, both to property and to persons, resulting from accidents which may occur as a result of the proposed operations in pursuance hereof. The Licensee shall save harmless and indemnify the Board and the County of Oakland from any claim for damages of any nature whatsoever which may arise out of his operation under this permit and upon request, furnish proof of insurance coverage for the term of this permit.
  4. Work Within Corporate Limits of Cities, Villages or Townships: Licensee shall be responsible for securing and shall secure, any other permits necessary or required by law from cities, villages, townships, corporations, or individuals.
  5. Violation: The violation of any condition of this permit by the said Licensee shall constitute a forfeiture of rights hereunder.
  6. Revocation of Permit: It is to be understood that the rights granted herein are revocable at the will of the Board and that the Licensee acquires no rights in the highway and expressly waives any right to claim damages or compensation in case this permit is revoked.
A copy of this permit shall be kept on the work site, subject to inspection at all times by the Board or any of its duly authorized agents.

Standard Specifications

  1. Driveway Dimensions: The width at property line shall be at least 10' but not more that 25'. If the road is curbed, the width of the curb opening shall be as shown on the face of the permit but shall not be less that 14' or more that 50'.
  2. Drainage: The driveway shall be constructed so that the drainage is not adversely affected by the driveway. The drainage and the stability of the road subgrade shall not be altered by driveway construction or roadside development. All culvert pipe used shall be a size adequate to carry the anticipated natural flow of the ditch; the culvert shall be no smaller than the size determined by the Department of Customer Services - Permits, nor shall it be less that 12" inside diameter. Culvert length shall be at least 22" but not more than 36'. Except for driveways, the enclosure of ditches will not be permitted. The use of headwalls on culvert ends will not be permitted. Culvert should be of sufficient length to provide side slopes no steeper than 3 feet horizontal to 1 foot vertical.  The use of sloped end sections is encouraged.
  3. Surfacing: When the road is paved, driveways shall be paved between the edge of pavement and the existing or proposed sidewalk. If there is no existing or proposed sidewalk, the surfacing shall extend at least 10' from the edge of pavement or to the right-of-way line, whichever distance is greater. When the road is unpaved, paving the driveway is not required. If such driveway is to be paved, the paving shall extend no closer to the road than one foot behind the driveway culvert location, or 5 feet from the edge of the gravel road if no culvert is needed. Driveway pavement shall be a minimum of two inches of bituminous surfacing on a gravel base or six inches of concrete.
  4. Driveway Grade: If the road is uncurbed, the grade of the driveway between the road edge of the pavement and the edge of the shoulder shall conform to the slope of the shoulder. If the road is curbed, the grade shall not exceed 10% (10' per 100') upward or downward from the road.