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  2. Automotive and Trailer Equipment and Parts:

    Filters, Wheels and Rims, Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Brakes

  3. Automotive Shop and Related Equipment and Supplies:

    Mechanics Equipment and Tools

  4. Automotive Vehicles and Related Equipment:

    Trailers and Trucks

  5. Building Maintenance Services:

    Installation and Repair Services, Janitorial/Custodial Services, HVAC, Waste Removal, Overhead Door, Cement, Roof Maintenance and Repair

  6. Computer Hardware and Peripherals

  7. Concrete and Metal Products:

    Basins, Blocks, Bricks, Culvert, CMP

  8. Electrical Cables and Wires

  9. Electrical Equipment and Supplies:


  10. Engineering Equipment:

    Surveying Equipment, Drawing Instruments and Supplies

  11. Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services for Automobiles, Trucks, Trailers

  12. Fasteners:

    Drill Bits, Bolts, Nuts, Pins, Rivets, Screws, etc.

  13. First Aid and Safety Equipment and Supplies:

    Gloves, Vests, Reflective Safety Apparel and Accessories, Hats and Helmets, Head, Ear, Eye and Face Protection, Fall Protection Equipment and Accessories

  14. Floor Mat and Towel Service

  15. Fuel, Oil, Grease and Lubricants

  16. Guardrail:

    Hardware, Accessories, Bolts, Posts, Delineators

  17. Hand Tools (Powered and Non-Powered):

    Drills Bits and Taps

  18. Hardware and Related Items:

    Safety Cans, Clevis Hooks, Chain, Rope

  19. Hose, Accessories and Supplies:

    Hydraulic Hose and Fittings, Air Hose and Fittings

  20. Janitorial Supplies:

    Paper, Plastic, Supplies

  21. Lawn Maintenance Equipment and Accessories:

    Riding Lawn Mowers, Tree Pruning Equipment

  22. Material Handling:

    Hauling, Storage

  23. Office Machines:


  24. Printing

    Business Cards, Envelopes, Forms, Stationary

  25. Radio Communication, Telephone and Telecom Equipment

    GPS Technologies, Wireless

  26. Rags, Shop Towels and Wiping Cloths

  27. Rental or Lease Services of Clothing:


  28. Road Equipment Consumables:

    Brake and Clutch Parts and Accessories for HD Equipment, Filters: Air, Fuel, Hydraulic, Oil for HD Equipment, Spreaders, Sweeper Accessories: Broom Fibers, Extension Brooms, Strips, Wire, Road Magnets

  29. Road Equipment:

    Grader, Motorized, Blades and Edges: Dozer, Scraper, Snow Plow, Rippers and Scarifiers, Loaders, Buckets

  30. Road Materials, RAP:

    Hot Mix Asphalt, Slag, Cold, Patch, Gravel, Ready Mix Concrete

  31. Safety Toe Shoes and Boots

  32. Salt for Road Maintenance

  33. Seed, Sod, Soil:

    Grass Seed, Fertilizer, Hydro Mulch, Geotextile, Straw Blankets

  34. Signs, Sign Material, Sign Making Equipment and Related Supplies:

    Blanks, Sign Material, Reflective Signs, Overhead Signs, Plywood, Wooden Posts

  35. Spraying Equipment:

    Vehicle, Trailer or Skid Mounted

  36. Tires and Tubes

  37. Traffic Control Devices:

    Signage, Sheeting, Blanks, Posts and Accessories, Buttons, Delineators, Reflectors, Traffic Safety Barriers, Impact Attenuators (Crash Barriers), Traffic Cones, Lane Markers, Traffic Counters, Traffic Signal Poles, Traffic Signals and Equipment, Intelligent Transportation Systems

  38. Welding and Industrial Gases

  39. Welding Equipment and Supplies

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