Spring Weight Restrictions

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March 7, 2019 9:00 AM


The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) will apply seasonal spring weight restrictions to its non-all-weather roads next Thursday, March 14, at 6 a.m. The restrictions limit the amount of weight trucks can carry on the roads and are intended to minimize damage to the roads while the ground under the roads is thawing.
Anyone wanting an update on the status of the weight restrictions can call RCOC’s weight restrictions hotline at (248) 858-4765.
Each spring, in accordance with state law, RCOC reduces the weight limits on its non-all-weather roads as temperatures begin to rise and the ground begins to thaw. “As the road subsurface thaws, the road’s ability to carry weight is reduced,” explained RCOC Managing Director Dennis Kolar. “That means that a weight that wouldn’t affect the road under normal conditions might now damage the road. These restrictions help to ensure that our roads last as long as possible with as few potholes as possible.”
The restrictions do not affect passenger vehicles but apply to commercial trucks.
Weight restrictions are enforced by weighmasters employed by the Road Commission, the state, local communities or the Sheriff’s Department. Violation of the weight restrictions can result in a citation and fine.

David Czerniakowski, director of RCOC’s Department of Customer Services, said the timing of this year’s weight restrictions is fairly typical. “It is usually in late February or early March that the ground is thawing, and we must apply the restrictions,” he noted.
Czerniakowski will recommend that the restrictions be removed when he determines that the soil is no longer saturated and the frost has thawed. He noted that the weight restrictions have an impact on several industries including building construction, because it restricts companies’ ability to move heavy equipment.
“Weight restrictions do not prevent trucks from operating,” Czerniakowski said. “They may still operate on affected roads. They simply have to operate with a reduced load on those roads, though the width and length of the truck can be a factor.”
A “truck operators’ map” is available from the Road Commission that shows which roads have weight restrictions. The map is available by calling RCOC’s Customer Services Dept. at (248) 858-4835 or by visiting the department’s offices at the RCOC facility at 2420 Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford Township (office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.).
The map is also available on RCOC’s Web page at www.rcocweb.org, and listings of the affected roads are posted on the Web site as well.
Individuals can also sign up for Spring Weight Restriction notifications through the RCOC website, https://www.rcocweb.org/list.aspx
For a statewide listing of which counties have imposed spring weight restrictions, visit the County Road Association of Michigan (CRA) Web site, www.micountyroads.org.
Addison Area
Army Rd
Barr Rd
Brewer Rd
Curtis Rd
Dequindre Rd (N of 36 Mile Rd)
Drahner Rd
Frick Rd
Gerst Rd
Hagerman Rd
Hosner Rd
Indian Lk Rd
Lake George Rd
Leonard Rd (E of the Village of Leonard to Macomb County) & (W of the Village of Leonard to Lake George Rd)
Mack Rd
McKail Rd
Moffat Rd
Noble Rd
Oakwood Rd
Ray Rd
Rochester Rd (Village of Leonard N to Lapeer County line)
Romeo Rd
Rowland Rd
Secord Lk Rd
Shoup Rd
Texter Rd
Townsend Rd
Walker Rd
Yule Rd

Auburn Hills Area
Dutton Rd (E of Bald Mountain Rd to Oakland Twp limits)

Bloomfield Area
14 Mile Rd (E of Inkster to Cranbrook Rd)
Bingham Rd (N of 14 Mile to Lincoln Dr
Charing Cross (Woodward/M-1 NE to Wattles Rd)
Covington Rd (S of Quarton to Maple Rd)
Cranbrook Rd (S of Quarton to 14 Mile Rd)
Eastways Rd (S of Square Lk Rd to Long Lk Rd)
Echo Rd (N of Lone Pine to Long Lk Rd)
Franklin Rd (N of 14 Mile to Long Lk Rd) & (N of Long Lk Rd to City of Pontiac limits)
Gilbert Lk Rd (N of Maple Rd to Quarton Rd)
Hickory Grove Rd (E of Telegraph Rd/U-24 to Lahser Rd)
Inkster Rd (N of 14 Mile to Lone Pine Rd)
Klingensmith Rd (N of Square Lk Rd to Telegraph/US-24)
Lahser Rd (N of Hickory Grove Rd to Square Lk Rd)
Lincoln Dr (E of Telegrpah/US-24 to Lahser Rd)
Lone Pine Rd (E of Inkster Rd to Lahser Rd)
Maple Rd (E of Lahser to Covington Rd/Cranbrook Rd)
Opdyke Rd (S of Squirrel Lk Rd to Hickory Grove Rd)
Quarton Rd (E of Inkster to Telegraph/US-24) & (E of Telegraph/US-24 to Adams Rd)
Square Lk Rd (W of Telegraph/US-24 to Middlebelt Rd) & (Opdyke Rd E to Adams Rd)
Squirrel Rd (N of Wattles to S Blvd)
Walnut Lk Rd (E of Inkster Rd to Franklin Rd)
Ward Rd (E of Orchard K Rd to Telegraph Rd/US-24)
Wattles Rd (W of Adams to Kensington Rd)
Westview Rd (E of Squirrel Rd to Adams Rd)
Wing Lake Rd (N of 14 Mile to Lone Pine Rd)

Brandon Area
Allen Rd
Bald Eagle Rd
Baldwin Rd
Big Fish Lk Rd
Burrus Rd
Connell Rd
Dartmouth Rd
Davison Lk Rd
Glass Rd
Granger Rd
Hadley Rd
Honert Rd
Hummer Lk Rd
Hurd Rd
Kent Rd
Lockwood Rd
Oak Hill Rd
Perry Lk Rd
Poli Rd (Between Sashabaw & Lockwood Rd)
Ramsey Rd
Reese Rd
Sands Rd
Sashabaw Rd (S of Oakwood Rd to Seymour Lk Rd)
Sawmill Lk Rd
Sherwood Rd
Stanton Rd
State Park Rd
Wooley Rd

Commerce Area
14 Mile Rd (E of Decker Rd to Haggerty Rd)
Bass Lk Rd (Sleeth Rd SE to Benstein Rd)
Benstein Rd (S of Sleeth Rd to Maple Rd)
Bogie Lk Rd (S of Cooley Lk Rd to Commerce Rd)
Carey Rd (S of Cooley Lk Rd to Commerce Rd)
Carroll Lk Rd (S of Cooley Lk Rd to Commerce Rd)
Charms Rd (N of Buno Rd to Wixom Rd)
Cooley LK Rd
Crumb Rd (E of Welch Rd)
Glengary Rd (W of Benstein Rd to Wixom Rd)
Ladd Rd
Loon Lk Rd (E of the City of Wixom to Benstein Rd)
Maple Rd (E of Beck Rd to Benstein Rd)
Newton Rd
Oakley Park Rd (Outside of the Village Limits of Wolverine Lk)
Pontiac Trail Rd (N of Maple to M-5)
Richardson Rd (W of Martin Rd)
S Commerce Rd
Sleeth Rd
Walnut Lk (E of Pontiac Trail to Haggerty Rd)
Welch Rd
Wise Rd
Wixom Rd

Farmington Area - NONE

Groveland Area
Auten Rd
Bald Eagle Rd
Barron Rd
Bird Rd
Brandt Rd
Buckell Lk Rd
County Line Rd (E of M-15 to Brandon Twp limits)
Croup Rd
Ellis Rd
Glass Rd
Groveland Rd
Hawley Rd
E Holly Rd
Horton Rd
Jossman Rd
Kier Rd
McGinnis Rd
Oakhill Rd
Perryville Rd
State Park Rd
Thayer Rd
Tripp Rd
Tucker Rd
Van Rd (N of Grange Hall Rd to Genesee County line)
Vassar Rd
Weber Rd
Wildwood Rd
Worden Rd

Highland Area
Beaumont Rd
Buckhorn Lake Rd
Clyde Rd
Cooley Lk Rd
Duck Lk Rd
Eagle Rd
Fish Lake Rd
Harvey Lake Rd
Hickory Ridge Rd (½ Mile N of Clyde Rd to Rose Twp limits)
Highland Hills Rd
Honeywell Lk Rd
Jackson Blvd
Livingston Rd
Lone Tree Rd
Middle Rd
Pettibone Lk Rd
Rowe Rd
Reid Rd
Teeple Lk Rd
Tipsico Lk Rd
Wardlow Rd
White Lake Rd

Holly Area
Academy Rd (W of the Village of Holly to Fish Lk Rd)
Addis Rd
Belford Rd
County Line Rd (E of Halsey Rd to the RR track E of N Holly Rd)
Eddy Lake Rd (N of Grange Hall Rd to Tinsman Rd)
Elliot Rd
Evans Rd
Fagan Rd
Falk Rd
Fish Lk Rd
Gage Rd
Groveland Rd
Grundyke Rd
Halsey Rd
Hess Rd
Holdridge Rd
E Holly Rd
Houser Rd (W of the Village of Holly to Hickory Ridge Rd)
Kurtz Rd
Lahring Rd
Mackey Rd
Mitchell Rd
Quick Rd
Shields Rd
Thompson Rd
Tinsman Rd
Tucker Rd
Vassar Rd
Weber Rd

Independence Area
Allen Rd
Baldwin Rd
Clarkston Rd (E of the Village of Clarkston)
Clement Rd
Clintonville Rd
Cranberry Lk Rd
Dartmouth Rd
Deer Lk Rd (W of the Village of Clarkston)
Easton Rd
Ellis Rd
Foster Rd
Hadley Rd
Holcomb Rd (N of the Village of Clarkston)
Hubbard Rd
Indianwood Rd
Mann Rd
Maybee Rd
Oak Hill Rd
Pelton Rd
Perry Lk Rd
Pine Knob Rd
Rattalee Lk Rd
Reese Rd
Rohr Rd
Shappie Rd
Stickney Rd
Waldon Rd (E of the Village of Clarkston)
Walters Rd
Waterford Rd
Whipple Lk Rd
White Lk Rd (S of the Village of Clarkston to Dixie Hwy / US 10 aka US 24)

Lyon Area
9 Mile Rd (E of Pontiac Trail to Napier Rd)
11 Mile Rd
12 Mile Rd (W of Johns to Martindale Rd)
Chubb Rd
Currie Rd
Dixboro Rd (S of 12 Mile Rd to 11 Mile Rd)
Griswold Rd
Haas Rd
Henry Rd
Johns Rd
Locust Rd
Martindale Rd
Milford Rd (N of 10 Mile Rd to Grand River Ave)
Napier Rd (12 Mile Rd S to 8 Mile Rd)
Old Plank Rd
Travis Rd
South Hill Rd
Spaulding Rd

Milford Area
Buno Rd
Burns Rd
Charms Rd
Childs Lk Rd
Commerce Rd (W of the Village of Milford to Livingston County line)
Cooley Lk Rd
Dawson Rd
Duck Lk Rd (N of Commerce Rd to Cooley Lk Rd)
Garner Rd
Hickory Ridge Rd (S of General Motors Rd to High Ridge Rd)
High Ridge Rd
Honeywell Lk Rd
Huron River Pkwy
Labadie Rd
West Maple Rd
Martindale Rd
Moore Rd
Old Plank Rd
Pearson Rd
Rowe Rd
South Hill Rd
Stobart Rd
Stoneridge Rd
Weaver Rd
Wixom Rd

Novi Area
14 Mile Rd (E of Decker to Haggerty Rd)
Napier Rd (S of 12 Mile Rd to 8 Mile Rd)

Oakland Area
Adams Rd
Brewster Rd
Buell Rd
Clarkston Rd
Collins Rd
Dequindre Rd (S of Parks Rd to Inwood Rd)
Dutton Rd
Gallagher Rd
Gunn Rd
Hadden Rd
Harmon Rd
Hixon Rd
Inwood Rd
Kern Rd
Kline Rd
Lake George Rd
Letts Rd
Livernois Rd
Mead Rd
Miller Rd
Orion Rd (N of Gallaher Rd to Stoney Creek Rd)
Parks Rd
Predmore Rd
Romeo Rd
Rush Rd
Sheldon Rd
Silverbell Rd
Snell Rd
Stoney Creek Rd
Winkler Mill Rd

Orion Area
Bald Mountain Rd (N of Brown Rd to Silverbell Rd)
Casemer Rd
Clarkston Rd
Coats Rd (N of Indianwood Rd to Stanton Rd)
Conklin Rd
Dutton Rd (E of Bald Mountain Rd to Oakland Twp limits)
Giddings Rd (N of Railroad tracks to Waldon Rd)
Greenshield Rd
Gregory Rd
Heights Rd
Hemingway Rd
Indian Lk Rd
Indianwood Rd/Baldwin (W of roundabout to Independence Twp limits)
Joslyn Rd
Judah Rd
Kern Rd
Maybee Rd
Miller Rd
Morgan Rd
Newman Rd (N of Indianwood Rd to Stanton & W of Joslyn Rd to Uncertified portion of Rd)
Orion Rd
Rohr Rd
Scripps Rd
Silverbell Rd (W of Giddings to Joslyn Rd & E of Silverbell Rd to Kern Rd)
Squirrel Rd
Stanton Rd
Waldon Rd

Oxford Area
Baldwin Rd
Barber Rd
Barr Rd
Coats Rd
Davison Lk Rd (W of Thomas Rd to Baldwin Rd)
Delano Rd
Drahner Rd
Garner Rd
Hummer Lk Rd
Indian Lk Rd
Ludwing Rd
Metamora Rd (beginning approx. 1000’ W of M-24/Lapeer Rd to Lapeer County line)
Newman Rd
Noble Rd
Oakwood Rd (E of M-24 to Addison Twp limits)
Oxford Rd (N of Village of Oxford limits to Ray Rd & N of Ray Rd to Oakwood Rd)
Pontiac Rd (N of Drahner Rd to Village of Oxford limits)
Ray Rd (beginning approx. 1000’ E of M-24/Lapeer Rd to Addison Twp limits)
Shipman Rd
Stanton Rd
Thomas Rd

Pontiac Area
Orchard Lk Rd (N of Telegraph Rd/US 24 to Woodward/M-1)

Rochester Hills Area
Adams Rd
Avon Rd (E of Adams Rd to John R Rd)
Crooks Rd (N of Hamlin Rd to Avon Rd)
Dequindre Rd (N of 24 Mile Rd to Washington Rd)
Dutton Rd
Livernois Rd (Auburn Rd N to Dutton Rd)
Mead Rd
South Blvd
Tienken Rd (E of Adams Rd to Washington Rd)
Washington Rd
Winkler Mill

Rose Area
Baker Rd
Bone Rd
Buckhorn Lk Rd
Chana Rd
Cole Rd
Davisburg Rd (W of Milford Rd to Buckhorn Lk Rd)
Demode Rd
Eagle Rd
Fenton Rd
Fish Lk Rd
Hensell Rd
Hickory Ridge Rd
S Holly Rd
Houser Rd
Joel Rd
Munger Rd
Oakhurst Rd
Parker Rd
Pepper Rd
Pool Rd
Ranch Rd
Rattalee Lk Rd
Rose Center Rd (W of Milford Rd to Livingston County line & E of Milford Rd @ Ranch Rd to Highland Twp limits)
Rosell Rd
Sackner Rd
Taylor Lk Rd
Terrace Rd
Tipsico Lk Rd (S of rose Center Rd to Highland Twp limits)
Tucker Rd
Waters Rd
Weber Rd

Royal Oak Area
Wyoming Rd (N of 8 Mile to Royal Oak Twp limits @ Wyoming Pl)

Southfield Area
14 Mile Rd (E of Inkster Rd to Lincoln Hills Ct @ which is j W of Evergreen)

Springfield Area
Big Lk Rd
Bigelow Rd
Bridge Lk Rd
Clark Rd
Crosby Lk Rd (E of Hillsboro Rd & W of Andersonville Rd)
Davisburg Rd (E of Dixie Hwy/US 24 to Bridge Lk Rd)
Dilley Rd
Eagle Rd
Eaton Rd
Edgar Rd
Ellis Rd (S of Oakhill to Rattalee Lk Rd & N of Holcomb Rd)
Enterprise (SE of E Holly Rd E to Dixie Hwy/US 24)
Farley Rd
Foster Rd
Gibbs Rd
Hall Rd
Hillsboro Rd
Hogback Lk Rd
Holcomb Rd
E Holly Rd
Kier Rd
Knox Rd
Neal Rd
Oakhill Rd
Ormond Rd
Parker Rd
Rattalee Lk Rd
Ridgewood Rd
Scott Rd
Shaffer Rd
Tindall Rd
Tucker Rd
Weber Rd
Woodland Trail

Troy Area
South Blvd

Waterford Area
Airport Rd (S of Highland Rd/M-59 to Elizabeth Lk Rd)
Cass Elizabeth Rd
Cass Lk Rd (N of Elizabeth Lk Rd to Pontiac Lk Rd)
Clintonville Rd
Coomer Rd
County Center Rd (E of Telegraph Rd/US-24 to City of Pontiac limits)
Crescent Lk Rd
Elizabeth Lk Rd (W of Cooley Lk Rd)
Frembes Rd
Gale Rd
Hatchery Rd
Hiller Rd
Hospital Rd
James K Rd (S of Voorheis Rd to the City of Sylvan Lake limits)
Lake Angelus Ln
Lake Angelus Rd
Lochaven Rd
Maceday Lk Rd
Mann Rd
Nelsey Rd
Parkway Rd
Pontiac Lk Rd (W of Highland/M-59 to White Lk Twp limits)
Silver Lk Rd
Tubbs Rd
Voorheis Rd
Watkins Lk Rd (W of Scott Lk Rd to Dixie Hwy/ US-24)

West Bloomfield Area
Comer Rd
Drake Rd
Farmington Rd
Green Lk Rd
Greer Rd
Hiller Rd
Inkster Rd
Keith Rd (Btn Commerce Rd & Willow Rd)
Lochaven Rd
Lone Pine Rd
Middlebelt Rd (S of Long Lk Rd to 14 Mile Rd)
Oakley Park Rd
Pine Lake Dr (Btn Orchard Lk & Middlebelt Rd)
Pontiac Trail (W of Orchard Lk Rd to Haggerty Rd)
Richardson Rd
Square Lk Rd (E of Middlebelt to Bloomfield Twp limits)
Walnut Lk Rd
Willow Rd

White Lake Area
Bogie Lk Rd
Brendel Rd
Cedar Island Rd
Cooley Lk Rd
Crosby Lk Rd
Cross Rd
Cuthbert Rd
Eagle Rd
Elizabeth Lk Rd
Farnsworth Rd
Fisk Rd
Ford Rd
Gale Rd
Grass Lk Rd
Haley Rd
Hill Rd
Hitchcock Rd
Jackson Blvd
Maceday Lk Rd
McKeachie Rd
Ormond Rd
Orr Rd
Oxbow Lk Rd
Pontiac Lk Rd
Porter Rd
Round LK Rd
Sugden Rd
Teeple Lk Rd
Teggerdine Rd
Union Lk Rd
White Lk Rd (W of Orr Rd to Eagle Rd)

Addison Area
Lakeville Rd (E of the Village of Oxford to Rochester Rd)
Rochster Rd (S of the Village of Leonard to Romeo Rd)

Auburn Hills Area - NONE

Bloomfield Area
Lahser Rd (Long Lk Rd S to the City of Southfield)
Long Lk Rd (E of the Twp of West Bloomfield to Vaughn Rd) & (E of Vaughn Rd to the City of Troy)

Brandon Area
Oakwood Rd (E of Ortonville Rd/M-15 to Oxford Twp)
Sashabaw Rd (S of Seymour Lk Rd to Independence Twp)
Seymour Lk Rd (E of Ortonville Rd/M-15 to Oxford Twp)

Commerce Area
Commerce Rd (E of Duck Lk Rd to West Bloomfield Twp)
Commerce Crossing (W Maple Rd S to Haggerty Rd)
Duck Lk Rd (Commerce Rd S to Sleeth Rd)
Haggerty Rd (W Maple Rd S to 14 Mile Rd)
Loop Rd (Commerce Crossing Rd S to 14 Mile Rd)

Farmington Area
10 Mile Rd (Haggerty Rd E to Halsted Rd) & (Orchard Lk Rd E to Inkster Rd)
12 Mile Rd (Orchard Lk Rd E to Inkster Rd)
Haggerty Rd (14 Mile Rd S to 8 Mile Rd)
Middlebelt Rd (S of 14 Mile to 8 Mile Rd)

Groveland Area
Grange Hall Rd (Dixie Hwy E to Ortonville Rd/M-15)

Highland Area
Milford Rd (Rose Twp S to Milford Twp)

Holly Area
Grange Hall Rd (W of N Holly Rd to Genesee County line)
North Holly Rd (Grange Hall Rd N to Genesee County line)

Independence Area
Andersonville Rd (Waterford Twp W to Springfield Twp)
Sashabaw Rd (I-75 N to Brandon Twp)

Lyon Area
8 Mile Rd (Currie Rd E to Napier Rd)
10 Mile Rd (Pontiac Trail E to Napier Rd)
11 Mile Rd (Pontiac Trail E to Martindale Rd)
Lyon Center Drive (W of Milford Rd, N of Grand River Ave)
Pontiac Trail (Grand River SW to Silver Lk Rd) & (10 Mile Rd S to 8 Mile Rd)
Silver Lk Rd (Kent Lk Rd W to Livingston County line)

Milford Area
Commerce Rd (Duck Lk Rd W to Village of Milford)
Duck Lk Rd (Commerce Rd S to Sleeth Rd)
Milford Rd (N of the Village of Milford to Highland Twp)

Novi Area
8 Mile Rd (Napier Rd E to Taft Rd)
10 Mile Rd (Napier Rd E to Haggerty Rd)
Haggerty Rd (8 Mile Rd N to 14 Mile Rd)

Oakland Area
Orion Rd (Dutton Rd NW to Collins Rd/Gallagher Rd)
Rochester Rd (Mead Rd N to Addison Twp)

Orion Area
Baldwin Rd (Indianwood Rd S to Brown Rd)
Indianwood Rd (Lapeer Rd/M-24 W to Baldwin Rd)

Oxford Area
Lakeville Rd (Village of Oxford E to Addison Twp)
Oakwood Rd (Lapeer Rd/M-24 W to Baldwin Rd)
Seymour Lk Rd (Baldwin Rd E to the Village of Oxford)

Pontiac Area - NONE

Rochester Hills Area
Avon Rd (John R Rd E to Dequindre Rd)
Dequindre Rd (South Blvd N to 24 Mile Rd)
Livernois Rd (South Blvd N to Auburn Rd)
Orion Rd (Rochester Rd NW to Dutton Rd)
Parkdale Rd (De quindre Rd W to Sheldon Rd)
Rochester Rd (Tienken Rd N to Mead Rd)

Rose Area
Davisburg Rd (Milford Rd E to Springfield Twp)
Milford Rd (Highland Twp N to the Village of Holly)

Royal Oak Area
Coolidge Hwy (Woodward Ave/M-1 S to Webster)

Southfield Area
10 Mile Rd (Inkster Rd E to Telegraph Rd /US-24
12 Mile Rd (Inkster Rd E to Northwestern Hwy/M-4)
13 Mile Rd (Inkster Rd E to .75 miles to Old Stage Rd)
Lahser Rd (12 Mile Rd N to 14 Mile Rd) & (I-696 S to 8 Mile Rd)

Springfield Area
Andersonville Rd (Davisburg Rd S to Independence Twp)
Davisburg Rd (Rose Twp E to Dixie Hwy)
White Lk Rd (White Lk Twp N to Andersonville Rd)

Troy Area
Dequindre Rd (South Blvd S to Wattles Rd)
John R Rd (South Blvd S to Long Lk Rd)
Livernois Rd (South Blvd S to Maple Rd)
Long Lk Rd (Adams Rd e to Coolidge Hwy) & (Rochester Rd E to Dequindre Rd)
Rochester Rd (14 Mile Rd N to Elmwood)

Waterford Area
Airport Rd (Highland Rd/M-59 N to Andersonville Rd)
Andersonville Rd (Dixie Hwy/US-24 W to Independence Twp)

West Bloomfield Area
Commerce Rd (Commerce Twp E to Orchard Lk Rd)
Long Lk Rd (Orchard Lk E to Bloomfield Twp)
Middlebelt Rd (Long Lk Rd N to Orchard Lk Rd)

White Lake Area
White Lk Rd (Orr Rd E to Springfield Twp)


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