Permit Work, Short-Term Road Work and Closures

Bald Mountain Road, Dutton Road to Roxbury Drive (south of Silverbell Road)-EMERGENCY CLOSURE

  • Orion Township
  • The road was closed by Consumers Energy due to a high-press gas transmission line that needs to be lowered. 
  • Start date: April 15 (closed to truck traffic) April 19 (closed to all traffic)
  • End date: November 3 (tentatively) 
  • Detour:  Dutton Road to Squirrel Road to Silverbell Road, back to Bald Mountain Road and vice versa. 

Cass Lake Road, south of Cass Elizabeth Lake Road (between Port Cove Drive and Bangor Road)

  • Waterford Township watermain relocation (being done in advance of the Cass Lake Road Otter Lake/Cass Lake canal culvert replacement). 
  • Start date: April 25
  • End date: May 15 Road is open to traffic on 5/13
  • Road closure: Yes (business and residential access maintained)
  • DETOUR Cass Elizabeth Lake Road to Cooley Lake Road to Hiller Road, back to Cass Lake Road, and vice versa.  Residential and business access are maintained north and south of the watermain work.  

Additional Information:

Cass Lake Road to close on April 25 for watermain relocation work

Cass Lake Road culvert replacement project  

Club Drive at Porters Lane 

  • Bloomfield Township installation of a bypass pump and sanitary sewer.
  • Start date: May 9
  • End date:  September 2
  • Road closure: Yes
  • Detour: Square Lake Road to Telegraph Road to Franklin Road, back to Club Drive and vice versa.

Fourteen Mile Road, Decker/Novi Road to Walled Lake Drive 

  • Walled Lake
  • Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) watermain work
  • Start date:  3/21/22
  • End date:  mid-June LATE JUNE  EARLY JULY
  • Road closure:  Yes, starting March 14, 14 Mile Road will close from Decker/Novi Road to Walled Lake Road
  • Detour: Walled Lake Drive to Pontiac Trail to Maple Road to Welch Road, back to 14 Mile and vice versa. (updated detour due to Decker Road construction)
  • Residential and business access maintained within the work zone.  
  • For information or concerns, contact the GLWA at 844-455-4592 or 

Additional Information:

GLWA to close 14 Mile Road from Novi/Decker Road to Walled Lake Road on Monday, March 21  (new)

14 Mile Road from Decker/Novi Rd to Walled Lake Rd to close Oct. 11 through late December

GLWA watermain work expected to start on 14 Mile Road

GLWA work on 14 Mile Road continues

Maybee Road/Rohr to Baldwin Road 

  • Orion Township
  • Installation of culverts under the road to improve drainage; surface repair work to prepare for simple resurfacing work.
  • Culvert work is located between Rohr and Tall Oaks roads
  • Start date: TBA (work delayed due to weather) 
  • End date: TBA 
  • Detour: Yes. Access to homes and businesses will be maintained during the work
  • Detour: Maybee Road to Rohr Road to Gregory Road to Baldwin Road, back to Maybee Road and vice versa.

Additional information: 

RCOC Simple Resurfacing Work Information

Nine Mile Road/Currie Road to Briar Meadow Road

  • Lyon Township
  • Pulte Homes private development
    • Gravel road paving (approximately a half-mile of paving)
    • Hill cut to improve safety.
  • Start date: April 14
  • End date: July 29
  • Road closure: Yes, the road will close to through traffic. Access to homes and businesses within the closure will be maintained. The road will completely close west of the Cattails Golf Club entrance for the hill cutwork; traffic will need to access homes and businesses from the east.  
  • Detour: Griswold Road to Ten Mile Road to Currie Road, back to Nine Mile Road and vice versa.

Additional Information:  

Nine Mile Road, from Griswold to Briar Meadow Road, to close April 14 through late July for gravel-road paving


  • Bloomfield Township
  • Culvert lining 
    • 60" culvert lining
    • Milling and asphalt paving over culvert
    • Site restoration of turf
  • CONTRACTOR:  Trojan Development
  • START DATE: July 5
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