Spot Resurfacing Program

Spot resurfacing, is the milling and patching of a particular spot on heavier traveled roads. While the road may still be in decent condition and does not warrant a preservation overlay, specific spots have been identified for this program. 

Most projects can be done quickly and often under flaggers directing traffic within the construction zone. Over 100 patches were completed in 2018 under the RCOC Spot Resurfacing Program.

The work is weather, material and equipment-dependent. The schedule is subject to frequent changes. The contractors for the spot resurfacing program is to be determined (TBD).

2019 Spot Resurfacing
Road Approximate Location Approximate Start Completion Date
Airport Road M-59 to Pontiac Lake Road TBD TBD
Avon Road Livernois Road to Rochester Road TBD TBD
Avon Road Rochster Road to Dequindre Road TBD TBD
Clarkston Road Wyngate Road to Clintonville Road May TBD TBD
Crescent Lake Road South of M-59 TBD TBD
Dequindre Road Hamlin Road to Mackwood Road TBD TBD
Grand River Avenue Napier Road Intersection TBD TBD
Grange Hall Road Tripp Road to Barron Road TBD TBD
Greer Road Lochaven Road to Swaranne Drive TBD TBD
Hatchery Road Hartford Street to Compton Drive TBD TBD
Hiller Road 3 Ponds Court to Greer Road TBD TBD
Hiller Road South of Keylon Drive to Willow Road TBD TBD
Holcomb Road North of Miller Road May TBD TBD
Holcomb Road Washington Street to Miller Road May TBD TBD
Lochaven Road Martin Knoll Drive to Hunt Street TBD TBD
Long Lake Road Middlebelt Road and Woodward Avenue TBD TBD
Maybee Road East of Clintonville Road May TBD TBD
Middlebelt Road 13 Mile Road to 14 Mile Road TBD TBD
Miller Road Holcomb Road to M-15 TBD TBD
Napier Road North and South of Sports Park Drive May TBD TBD
Napier Road 12 Mile Road to Knightsbridge Boulevard May TBD TBD
Oak Hill Road Red Bud Lane to Dogwood Boulevard May TBD TBD
Ormond Road Parkers Road to Sunrise Lane May TBD TBD
North Oxford Road Ray Road to Gardner Road TBD TBD
Pontiac Lake Road County Center Drive to Telegraph Road TBD TBD
Romeo Street Rochester Road to Letica Drive TBD TBD
Scott Lake Road South of Pontiac Lake Road TBD TBD
Seymour Lake Road M-15 to Baldwin Road TBD TBD
Westbound Silverbell Road Joslyn Road to Giddings Road TBD TBD
Union Lake Road Elizabeth Lake Road to Cooley Lake Road May TBD TBD
Waldon Road M-15 Intersection TBD TBD
White Lake Road Dixie Highway to Deer Lake Road TBD TBD
Wise Road Bogie Lake Road to Cooley Lake Road May TBD TBD

2018 Spot Resurfacing
Road Approximate Location Approximate Start Completion Date
12 Mile Rd At Farmington Rd August 15 August 17
13 Mile Rd Inkster Rd to Beverly Hills August 14 (afternoon) August 15
14 Mile Rd Executive Dr to Industrial Dr April 30 May 2
Airport Road approaches to M-59 (Highland Rd) August 3 August 4
Andersonville Rd Airport Rd to Clement Rd May 11 May 17
Bloomfield Blvd. East of Woodward Ave. (M-1) June 7  June 8
Cass Lake Rd approaches to M-59 (Highland Rd)   August 3 August 4
Clintonville Rd Waldon Rd to Eston Rd May 9 May 16
Commerce Rd Hickory Ridge Rd to Milford Village May 16 May 23
Crumb Rd M-5 to Haggerty Rd May 17 May 25
Davisburg Rd Bridge Lake Rd to Dixie Hwy May 11 May 23
Davisburg Rd Dixie Hwy to Bigelow Rd May 11 May 23
Drahner Rd M-24 to gravel May 7 May 8
Grange Hall Rd I-75 to N. Holly Rd May 14 May 17
Indianwood Rd Baldwin Rd to Newman Rd May 3 May 7
Johns Rd 10 Mile to N. of golf course approach May 17 May 25
Joslyn Rd Flintridge to Waldon August 2 August 3
Livingston Rd M-59 to Milford Rd May  16 May 18
Middle Rd Hickory Ridge Rd to Milford Rd May 15 May 18
Orchard Lake Rd Telegraph to Commerce June 15 June 19
Orion Rd Adams Rd to Gunn Rd May 1 May 2
Sashabaw Rd Clarkston Rd to Oak Hill Rd May 9 May 16
Sashabaw Rd Waterford Twp limit to Pelton Rd May 9 May 16
Seymour Lake Rd Hadley Rd to Ramsey Rd May 8 May 9
Seymour Lake Rd Baldwin Rd to Oxford Village limit May 8 May 9
Southfield Rd Mt. Vernon St to 14 Mile Rd May 2 & August 11 August 15
Waldon Rd Pine Knob Rd to I-75 May 9 May 16
Waldon Rd west of M-24/Lapeer Road May 2 May 7