Spot Resurfacing Program

The 2022 Spot Resurfacing project will be announced soon. ​

Spot resurfacing
, is the milling and patching of a particular spot on heavier traveled roads. While the road may still be in decent condition and does not warrant a preservation overlay, specific spots have been identified for this program.  Sections identified for the work are milled (grinding of road surface) and replacing those areas with asphalt.  Work is done while maintaining traffic under flag control when necessary.  Motorists can expect some traffic delays and work is often done during peak commute hours so crews can get as much work done as possible.   

Most projects can be done quickly and often under flag control directing traffic within the construction zone.

The work is weather, material and equipment-dependent. The schedule is subject to frequent changes. The contractors for the 2021 spot resurfacing program are Pro-Line Asphalt and Florence Cement. 

​2021 PROJECTS:  

Road Approximate Location Status 
8 Mile Road Grand River to Farmington Road COMPLETE
12 Mile Road East of Middlebelt Road  COMPLETE
12 Mile Road East of Orchard Lake Road COMPLETE
13 Mile Road Inkster Road to Telegraph Road COMPLETE
Academy Road East of Fish Lake Road COMPLETE
Adams Road North of Buell Road COMPLETE
Davisburg Road West of I-75 COMPLETE 
Dequindre Road Auburn to Hamilin Rd (road also on scheduled for Preservation Overlay) COMPLETE
Duck Lake Road Highland Road (M-59) to Wardlow Road COMPLETE
Elizabeth Lake Road East of Oxbow Lake Road COMPLETE
Greenfield Road 13 Mile Road to Lincoln Drive COMPLETE
Hadley Road Oakwood Road to Sawmill Lake Road  COMPLETE
Hatchery Road West of Crescent Lake Road COMPLETE
Hospital Road North of Cooley Lake Road COMPLETE
John R 13 Mile to 14 Mile Road COMPLETE
John R 13 Mile to Ajax Drive COMPLETE
Joslyn Road North of Pacific Drive COMPLETE
Kensington Road South of Opdyke Road COMPLETE
Livernois Road North of South Blvd. COMPLETE
Livernois Road South of Hamlin Road COMPLETE
Livernois Road North and south of Square Lake Road COMPLETE
Lone Tree Road West of Milford Road COMPLETE
Old Plank Road North of Pontiac Trail COMPLETE
Rowe Road West of Milford Road COMPLETE
Wardlow Road East of Hickory Ridge Road &
West of Milford Road
Wardlow Road East and west of Duck Lake Road COMPLETE

Graphic explaining flag control in work zones