Gravel Road Dust Control and Chloride Schedule

RCOC Gravel Road Dust-Control Schedule

     Below is the anticipated 2017 schedule for applying chloride to approximately 760 miles of gravel roads throughout Oakland County.   The schedule is updated a few times monthly beginning in approximately April and ending in October.    
      Please note: These dates are tentative and are subject to a variety of variables which can and do result in changes to the schedule. These variables include availability of equipment and manpower, weather and other factors. 

1. Basic chloriding service for primary gravel roads includes five (5) applications per year dependent on weather and the availability of equipment and manpower

2. Chloride applications are not done on all local gravel roads. They are only done when they are paid for either by the township, homeowners or a combination of both. The township or homeowners choose the number of applications per season and pay a per-application cost. 
3. Questions should be directed to the Road Commission's Department of Customer Services at 877-858-4804 or by emailing   
RCOC Dust Control Video

2018 Gravel Road Dust Control Program press release (4/4/18)

Grading a section of a gravel road in Oakland County.Gravel road grading

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